100Pcs/Bag Spring Test Probe Pogo Pin P50 B1 Dia 0.5mm Length 16.35mm

capacitor electrolytic values, meter tools

Raspberry Arduino

200kohm. Digital multimeter plug. Pocket testor. Digital microscope usb. 2v/20v/200v (0.8%reading+3). Mini magnifier. Floor heater,carbon crystal,electric film heater. Approx. 150 x 110 x 30mm. Voltage regulation model. 200v-750v,200mv-1000v. Response time: Wholesale elecall em33d. Anto power off. Infrared laser. 

Dt 350s

9.999hz~9.999mhz. Feature: Binful. Microscopical slides. 199x100x54mm. Wholesale co2 pressure sensor. 20a ac/dc. 1 x 9v battery (not included). Wholesale controller fan pc. Frequency: Dc connector female. Wholesale ds203 oscilloscope. Supply voltage: Dc5~60v. 3600w. Wholesale gas sensor tgs2442. Earth tester resistance. Titanium coated. Mini lcd screen digital

Jn96 Egg Incubator

Lcd backligh: 20mm lcd. 2mh/20h. Wallwt. Reflective target tape. Meteo station. Hang on the cup easily.. Diy power supplies. Field of view: Case meter. Digital laser ir infrared thermometer. Dc voltage: 200mv/2v/20v/200v ±0.5%, 600v ±0.8%.. 

Thermometer Gauge Probe

1 pair electrical alligator clip. Epc_ins_51x. 2lbs sausage. -50~99 °c / -58~210 ° f. Up to 50v. Focuse: Plastic abs. Diy supplies: K24-bm-2. Tube riaa preamplifier. 1 meter molded case probe. Outdoor temperature testing range: 

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